Why You Need to Start an Emergency Fund Now

“Ma’am, your card was declined.”

He’s not speaking to ME, is he? No, he can’t be because I know I have money in my account.

I look up, and the clerk’s brown eyes were looking at me sympathetically, like I was a puppy whose owner didn’t give her a treat for rolling over. Like he had seen this way too many times.

“I can run it again,” he suggested.

I don’t think anyone could’ve stopped the fire of embarrassment that burned through me. For three seconds, the hotel floor collapsed below me and I fell, and there was no bottom and no end to the horror.  

8 Ways To Save Money at the Grocery Store

I hate money. It keeps me up at night, gives me anxiety and seems to dictate every moment of my life. I hate that even at the age of 31 I still struggle with money. I still have to watch my account every day to make sure it doesn’t overdraft. I still live paycheck to paycheck. It wasn’t the life I had hoped for as a college graduate. This past December I decided: no more. No. More. I’m going to take my money, sit it down and have a real good talk with it. After all, I wasn't born to just pay bills and then die. I know, a bit dramatic, but this is what debt has led me to.