Simon Sinek

Creating Goals You Actually Want to Achieve

It was a gray USB drive with faded stickers of flowers and rainbows and stars on it. When I plugged it into my computer, I was surprised it still worked. Inside are half a dozen stories I started but never finished. Looking through them reminded me of times when I had so many ideas I couldn’t keep up with them. I would start one story, then get a new idea and start that one and then get another idea. “I just want to finish a novel so that I would know how it felt to finish,” I remember saying to my best friend. After that, no matter how badly I wanted to skip from idea to idea, I made it my goal to finish a novel. A year later, I reached my goal. I learned that finishing a novel felt like getting ice cream and cake on your birthday. It felt like watching your favorite soccer team win the World Cup. Like receiving a hug from someone you love. And that is what I think goal setting is all about. Goals that we associate with positive feelings are goals we actually want to achieve.