interracial relationship

How Our Interracial Relationship Changed Us for the Better

Growing up I had heard stories about relationships going bad because the husband or the wife wasn’t Hmong. “He beat her,” I heard. “She ran off,” a neighbor said once. I even heard stories of Hmong couples’ relationships going bad because of non-Hmong third parties. “A white man lured her away.” In general, what I heard was that non-Hmong people ruined Hmong relationships. So when Alex and I met, this knowledge should’ve repelled an interracial relationship. The truth was, in the moment, I didn’t think about any of those stories, and I doubt that anyone really does when it comes to falling in love. On our eleven-year-journey together, I found that what my heart always knew to be true was true: race had nothing to do with whether or not a relationship worked out.