Here are some free resources that you can start using right away.  


uncover your story

Uncover Your Story Worksheet

Don't think you have a story? Let's talk after you finish this worksheet. I take you through a reflective process that will help you identify a defining moment in your life that shaped your story. 


Printable Weekly To Do List

Ah, the dreaded to-do list. If you're a to-do list kind of gal, use this to-do list to prepare for the week ahead. It splits your items into three groups so you could focus on what needs your attention now.



The 12-Month Cultivate & Refine Planner

Like planners? I LOVE planners, but I don't love the prices on some of these planners.  So I decided to create one for myself. I designed the Cultivate & Refine planner to use with the Power of Three. Directions are available with the download. You can read more about how I use the Power of Three here.  



Grad School Action Sheet

Are you thinking of going to grad school? Here is a list of actions you should take before you even apply. You can read more about my grad school experience here


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