What is a web novel and why am I releasing one?

A web novel is a novel published online and usually released chapter by chapter. In other words, it’s like the Internet meets Charles Dickens. And it doesn’t include e-books.

In May, 2019, I went on a Chinese drama marathon. (I haven’t stopped.) Deeply inspired, I decided to recycle a novel I wrote a few years ago and add elements of storytelling from these dramas. Chapters will be published weekly through Wattpad, a serial-publishing, social-storytelling platform.

(Images are from the dramas Ashes of Love, 10 Miles of Peach Blossom (Eternal Love), Legend of Fuyao, Princess Agents, and Bloody Romance)

This experiment is my attempt to share some of my work with a public audience and get feedback on my writing.

I originally wrote the novel as a young adult dystopian fantasy filled with classism, sexism, and adventure. The novel featured a Mulan-inspired heroine, powerful dragons, and flesh-eating creatures.

The dragons and flesh-eating creatures will still be in this rendition, but I’m also going to attempt to add some Hmong elements, sword fighting, a shippable love triangle, an unignorable destiny, and some imperial scheming.


Novel Pitch

Kingdom meets Mulan meets Dragonriders of Pern.

To escape life in a brothel, a girl disguises herself as a boy to win a dragon. Years later, her cover is threatened when she has to join other dragon riders to rescue two stolen dragon eggs.

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Rise of the Dragon Warrior

In the Realm of Nine Houses, only men can be Sentinels—dragon riders—and serve in the Dragon Guard. Mei Hang, an orphan in the lowest class in the realm, was born with a strong life force. At the age of eleven, faced with a bleak future in a brothel, she disguises herself as a boy to join the dragon pledging ceremony where dragons choose their riders. Her life force helps her win, and in the process she unintentionally kills the son of one of the nine ruling families. Because dragons are precious, however, and can’t be re-bonded, the families don’t retaliate against her and instead sends her and her new dragon to guard the eastern wall against an enemy kingdom. She spends the next seven years of her life there, learning how to fight and hiding her true identity until one day, two dragon eggs are stolen by the kingdom from across the wall, and she is ordered to retrieve them. Among those going with her is Chai Chue, the successor of the Chue Family, whose brother died in the dragon pledging ceremony. As they encounter dangers, enemies, and a chilling truth across the wall, Mei must do everything she can to hide her identity, protect her home, and guard against her heart.

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